Sri Chinmoy's Vision

About Sri Chinmoy's vision for a brighter world

Since coming to the West in 1964 Sri Chinmoy has built up a huge momentum for positive change within individuals and communities around the world. Although many of us focus on the poor state of humanity and the suffering we see every day, Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual vision has enabled him to see the extraordinary potential of human beings, both in terms of outer capacity and inner experience. He strongly feels that the world will come to be flooded with peace once we discover our inseparable oneness with each other. The road to such a future may seem impossibly long and indeed uncertain, but if we start to practice spirituality then we see that the reality is already there within us, and it can only be a matter of time before it reveals itself.

The qualities of harmony and oneness dominate Sri Chinmoy’s vision for for a brighter world. If we dive into our heart we can feel that the whole world is inside our heart. Although we are individuals, the sense of separation we have is ultimately an illusion. Sri Chinmoy describes separation and division as coming from the unillumined aspect of the mind. When we start to judge others, when we start to analyze others and see good and bad qualities, at that time we separate ourselves and lose the heart’s spontaneous oneness. This is not something we see in children; it comes with the development of the intellectual mind.

If we feel our oneness with others then we do not seek to compete with them. If somebody achieves something significant then we can claim the achievement as our own, just as fans rejoice in the victory of their team. However, if we feel that others are going to surpass us and take our place, then we feel threatened and this in turn can lead to jealousy and hate. Sri Chinmoy encourages us only to compete with ourselves. In whatever field we choose, there will always be someone far greater than us. Even if we are the best on one day, there is no guarantee that tomorrow someone will not come to topple us. As long as we are attached to being better than others, we will have a malicious feeling towards them. We will revel in their defeat. There is no end to the lengths we will go to to promote ourselves. For this reason, we should not compare ourselves to others. If we have some capacity, we should only try to increase it. Sri Chinmoy has demonstrated this countless times in his own life, perhaps most significantly through weightlifting.

Sri Chinmoy is a strong advocate of self-transcendence as a cure for our maladies. If we can transcend our own capacities and limitations, then we discover real satisfaction in our lives. So much suffering occurs because people are dissatisfied with themselves and the world around them. We try in so many ways to find the cure for our dissatisfaction, but the only real cure is to accept our life as it is and to transcend it. Where there is satisfaction, there is harmony. Someone who is happy does not seek to hurt or harm anyone. But if we are constantly unhappy, sometimes we try to hurt others because we find no other outlet for our sorrow.

Without satisfaction, there can be no peace. Many of us feel that satisfaction means the fulfillment of all our desires. But spiritual Masters warn us that there is no end to desire. Trying to fulfill a desire is just like stoking a fire – it will only rage more intensely. As long as we seek to fulfill our desires, there will always be a great scarcity of resources in the world. Someone may have a million dollars, but he sees that there are many who are much richer than he is. So it goes on. Meanwhile, countless people die of starvation every day. But if, instead of seeking to fulfill our desires we can instead transcend them, then we will find real satisfaction. How can we transcend our desires? By focusing on the higher goals of spirituality.