Sri Chinmoy's Piano Performances

Sri Chinmoy plays the piano in a unique way which is both invigorating and uplifting.

Sri Chinmoy Piano

... Sri Chinmoy performs on the grand piano ...

Over the years Sri Chinmoy has performed on countless different instruments from all parts of the world. Some of these have become a regular part of his concerts. The flute is one of them, the esraj another. Both of these have a haunting, sublime quality which we can easily associate with meditation. The piano, however, is unique in Sri Chinmoy’s repertoire for its dynamic sound. Not classically trained, Sri Chinmoy plays in a totally free and spontaneous fashion. He allows the inspiration to flow freely from deep within. Without melody or structure in the traditional sense, it comes as a new experience for many listeners. But we find that there is something deeply satisfying about the music. It has within it the harmony of nature, and conjures up such images as a rushing river or rumbling storm. Although completely dynamic and spontaneous, it is not unsettling or discordant. There is a great stillness at the core. Like all of Sri Chinmoy’s Music, it is inundated with spirituality.

The two qualities we feel most in Sri Chinmoy’s piano performances are power and freedom. The power is like that of the ocean or the wind, tremendously fresh and invigorating. It is the feeling of new life bubbling forth in a myriad of different ways. Immersing oneself in the flow of the music one is carried forward, leaving behind the structure and form of the mind. Like standing under a waterfall, it is energising and refreshing. The freedom is like a great flock of birds scattering into the vast sky, or a spring of water spreading out to encompass everything in its path. It is the fullest expression of life energy. For his students, listening to the piano performances is a great way to free their minds for meditation.

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